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Born the 1st of December, in Baltimore, Maryland, B.Rich emerged as the first ever Hip-Hop artist from his city to receive a major record deal. He made history with his words and continues to break barriers and raise the bar in creativity.


B.Rich began his career with Atlantic Records launching his debut single Whoa Now, from the 80Dimes album. He is known for his creativity and his ability to reach audiences across the world.


Other than music, B.Rich has ventured in to other forms of entertainment including film production, consulting, web-design and digital marketing.


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Check out some of the ventures BRich is involved with. More than an artist his empire stretches far beyond entertainment.


B.Rich has produced commercials, reality show pilots, music videos, and television shows.   He originally formed RichManDream films while in Atlanta, Georgia recording documentaries and other historic pieces.


B.Rich is a strong song writer, he has had his music on the top 10 for BillBoard,  featured on soundtracks, and video games.  His music is best described as soulful and heartfelt with lyrical content, classic compositions that will last forever.


B.Rich formed a company called 3sixtyme to help upcoming artist needing guidance to further their careers. He spend some of his time consultalting and scouting talent needing assistance to take their career to the next level.  


With a background of music and film, Rich explored web designing creating the world’s first digital museum. He builds fan sites for artist and great people overlooked in history. Rich Realty holds over 100 properties of some interesting people in the world.

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